We encourage our members to help meet human needs and raise awareness of Christ’s love by volunteering in the community and providing financial support.  We impact organizations such as the Community Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, The Gathering Place (supporting Alzheimer sufferers and their families), the Salvation Army, Operation Christmas Child, and the Pregnancy Help Center.  In addition, our church is a longtime sponsor of a prospering Boy Scouts Troop, Pan Am Presbyterian School, and True Life Ministries.  In addition, members contribute annually to such missions as the Presbyterian Church’s Joy Offering and One Great Hour of Sharing. 

First Presbyterian Church Angleton

Mission Activities



Gathering Place

First Presbyterian Church hosts the Gathering Place on the 4th Thursday of each month from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  in our Fellowship Hall.  The Gathering Place is a ministry to support people with Alzheimer's with worship, song, activities and food, which provides a brief respite for caregivers. 

Community Food Pantry

We have supported the Community Food Pantry since its inception when it started in our church building.  We continue to support it by collecting food each week and on "Souper Bowl Sunday." Several of our members volunteer at the Food Pantry.

Pregnancy Help Center  

Our church has supported the local Pregnancy Help Center for many years.  Each year we are among many churches that participate in the Baby Bottle Boomerang between Mother's Day and Father's Day to raise money for the Pregnancy Help Center.